Construction Noise & Vibration

Construction Noise & Vibration

JPM Acoustics have extensive experience of predicting noise and vibration levels from construction and demolition sites, including producing detailed 3-dimensional noise models of large construction projects, and long-term unattended noise and vibration monitoring.

We provide our clients with advice regarding Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs), Section 61 agreements and noise abatement notices to ensure that construction work isn't delayed because of noise and vibration impacts.

A construction noise and vibration assessment would normally include:

  • Details of tools and plant noise levels that will be used during the works;
  • A description of construction phases;
  • Predicted noise and vibration levels at nearby receptors;
  • Details of mitigation measures to minimise noise and vibration impacts;
  • Discussion of Best Practicable Means (BPM) to minimise noise and vibration from site;
  • Where relevant, setting of noise and vibration limits for the works; and
  • Where necessary, ongoing monitoring of noise and vibration levels from the site.

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